Engine & Powertrain

The ASE certified technicians at Automotive Performance & Chassis provide a full range of  engine repair operations from tune ups and timing belts to head gasket replacements and even complete engine rebuild or replacement.

Elantra 22

  • Engine / Transmission oil & filter change
  • Tune up – plugs / wires / coils / distributor / sensors
  • Carburetor rebuild / Fuel injection service
  • Timing & accessory belts / hoses
  • Engine mechanical / rebuild / replacement
  • Manual transmission service / clutch replacement
  • Driveshaft / U-joint / CV & Axle service
  • Differential rebuilds / bearings / gears / posi-traction


Just as oil and filter changes at manufacturer recommended intervals can extend engine life, it is also important to periodically replace hoses and belts, and to flush cooling systems to avoid corrosion and sediment build up that can clog radiators and lead to over heating.   It is also very important to replace timing belts on manufacturer’s recommended intervals.  If a timing belt breaks, the engine may suffer extensive damage including bent valves and dented or holed pistons.  Repairing this kind of damage may necessitate replacement of valves, cylinder head and piston sets and can cost thousands of dollars in parts and labor.

Changing the fluid and filter in automatic transmissions will prolong their life and ensure proper operation.   The transmission oil does a lot of work – it not only lubricates the transmission, but it transmits power through the torque converter and applies pressure to various servos in the valve body that enable the transmission to shift gears.   The high temperatures created, especially during towing, high performance driving, and stop and start driving during rush hour commutes can cause the transmission fluid to break down.  We recommend fluid and filter changes at manufacturer specified intervals.

Manual transmissions require periodic oil changes, and clutch disk, pressure plate, and release bearings require replacement.  We provide clutch repair using OEM or aftermarket performance parts depending upon intended use and owner specifications.

Elantra 21Bullitt Mustang rear 02Often neglected is the oil in the axle or differential.  Unlike the engine and automatic transmission, oil in the differential is not circulated by a pump and is not filtered.  As bearings and gear surfaces wear slightly over time, the metal particles wind up collecting in the oil.  A magnetic drain plug helps attract and isolate these particles to reduce wear, but preventative maintenance including differential oil changes at recommended intervals will extend the life of the gears and bearings.

If the differential runs low on oil, it may over heat and lead to excessive wear on the gear surfaces, bearings, and even broken teeth.   Worn bearings and/or gears in a differential often produce a whine or moaning noise that changes in volume and pitch as a factor of load as the vehicle accelerates and decelerates.   The noise may go away while the vehicle coasts.

Whether replacing the ring and pinion gears for maintenance or changing ratios for performance, it is important that the pinion depth and ring gear backlash are properly set and a marking compound is used to check the engagement pattern on the gear teeth.  Replacement of bearings, seals and refilling with the proper weight oils and friction modifier additives (especially for limited slip / posi-traction units) completes the job and ensures smooth quiet operation.