Tire Mounting & Balancing

P1040209Automotive Performance & Chassis utilizes Hunter Engineering tire changers and balancers to ensure precision, damage free tire installation.    Our TC3250 and TC3500 changers utilize rubber covered internal clamps to securely hold expensive aluminum wheels, and the compound folding arm features a polymer head to avoid metal on metal contact with your rim.   Air assisted rollers enable us to manage difficult to install low profile and run flat tires.

External clamping, reverse mount and wheels up to 24″ in diameter can be aaccommodated




P1040262We offer RoadForce balancing on our Hunter DSP9700 balancer.  This uses a drum to apply pressure to the tire as it spins on the balancer to simulate how the tire would respond when it is on the car.  The system can identify bent wheels, as well as balance irregularities and in cases where there is a high road force, the tire can be rotated and remounted on the wheel to reduce the total amount of weight required to balance it.