Alignment Service

One of the best things you can do for your car is to have the suspension aligned.  Performance Chassis uses some of the latest Hunter alignment equipment available to ensure that you get the most out of your tires.  We also keep the alignment equipment in top shape by having software upgrades and calibrations performed at least once a year.

When should you get your vehicle aligned?

1. When you get new tires mounted on your vehicle you should also have the alignment checked and adjusted.  While we make adjustments we can often spot other things you should have addressed such as worn tie rod ends or ball joints that are out of spec.
2. When you have hit a severe pot hole or other road hazard, and / or when you notice that your vehicle “pulls” to one side, or when your steering wheel is turned slightly to the left or right in order to steer straight ahead. The forces generated by something as irritating as a pot hole can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds of force.  This kind of hit to your suspension should be checked and can often be adjusted back to normal settings on the alignment machine.
3. When you spot unusual tire wear.  Are your tires beginning to wear on the insides only?  (see example at the right) Are the outside edges wearing?  These can be signs that your toe settings have changed and need to be adjusted before you prematurely wear out your tires.

Give us a call and ask us if an alignment check is in order.  We can handle most vehicles and wheels.

What can you do before you show up to make the most out of an alignment?

1. Fill up your fuel tank.  The difference between an empty tank and a full tank can be a couple of hundreds of pounds of weight.  This will affect the settings.
2. Check and adjust your tire pressures.  Low tire pressures can lead to premature tire wear and potential failure and will also affect the readings on the alignment machine.  It is a good practice to keep an eye on your tire pressures to ensure your safety and to achieve the best fuel mileage.

A proper alignment can ensure reduced tire wear, better handling, and less energy wasted on high rolling resistance.  While we do our adjustments we can also check for worn steering and suspension components.

Our software and calibrations are up to date and enable us to accurately align track bred cars like this new Alfa Romeo.

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